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The classic banner is used in the upper page area and in search results.

Formats in pixel: 728×90, 970x90


The billboard is larger than the banner and allows more design flexibility.

Formats in pixel: 970×250

Native Ad

The native ad is adapted to the look & feel of the dog profiles and is shown with search results and when browsing profiles.

Format: Responsive, max. image width 120px

Mobile rectangle

The mobile rectangle offers different format options for the various page contents.

Formats in pixel: 300x50, 300x75, 300x100, 320x50, 300×250

Skyscraper (sticky)

The skyscraper is placed vertically directly next to the content and is "sticky", i.e. it remains in the visible area even when scrolling.

Formats in pixel: 120x600, 160×600

Sitebar (sticky)

The sitebar is the big brother of the skyscraper. The sitebar is also "sticky" and thus remains in the field of vision while scrolling.

Formats in pixel: 300×600

Medium rectangle

The medium rectangle is shown as part of page content.

Formats in pixel: 300×250, 336x280